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  • Gristle "The Grease" McThornbody

    Having an obsession with all things beautiful, the Grease left his Tiefling clan behind to explore the bigger world and become exposed to more beauty. Becoming enthralled in learning more about his new world and in digging deep to ensure that he was …

  • Gragga Smashface

    A former scout in his tribe's armed might, Gragga made a bad decision that led to the death of many of his comrades. Broken by the experience and feeling lost for conviction, Gragga walked away from his old life and became an adventurer.

  • Freddy Ben Layin

    Freddy played the recorder, and he played the recorder real good. Unfortunately this skill never led to a roof over his head, and Freddy learned well how to use his skills to make the most of the resources available to him, resources such as the purse of …

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