Burritos & Bludgeons

Bamboozling Besiegement
or The Problem with Goblins

Gundren Rockseeker had a wagon for movin', and that's just what it'll do.

Needing a trustworthy group to ensure that the wagon would arrive safely, he reached into his contacts and found three men of varying backgrounds, but who were nevertheless capable of protecting his cart should anything happen to it: Gragga Smashface, the Half-Orc barbarian who has left his tribe; Gristle "the Grease" McThornbody, a Tiefling professor who paid too high a price for knowledge; and Freddy Ben Layin, a Human Bard hardened from living and learning to thrive on the streets.
Gundren informed the three that they would be following two main roads to Phandalin, a small town that was once thriving but has fallen upon hard times which he promised would lead to "Many very lucrative opportunities". Gundren entrusted his payload to their watch and rode ahead with a Human warrior named Sildar Hallwinter, having business at Phandalin to attend to before his materials arrived.

After turning off of the High Road to the Triboar Trail they began sharing stories with each other on how they all came to know Gundren, and as their cargo rolled forward they noticed a pair of dead mounts blocking the path. While attempting to usher the cart past the corpses of horses arrows fired out from either side of the path and a pair of berzerker goblins charged the cart. After deftly convincing one goblin that suicide was in fact the answer and bisecting his comrade the archers fled from the scene back to their base.
Following the battle the Grease was able to identify the black arrows as belonging to the Cragmaw goblins. Not noticing anything spectacular about the scene in front of them they (Amazingly) jumped the cart over the cadaver blockade. However while walking past Gragga noticed map satchels lying off the path, as the team investigated the maps they noticed the signature of Gundren in the corner, leading to a realization of who the horses had belonged to. Knowing what they needed to do, they hid the cart and made way for the path the fleeing goblins had taken.

The forest was filled with traps to stop intruders, but the group was able to follow the paths worn down from use, leading to a small stream that emanated from a cave. Upon their approach the group noticed watchgoblins who were not behaving in a way suggestive of their title. Getting the jump on the duo of slackers they disposed of one and threatened the other to get information out of him.
The goblin, as goblins are not particularly known for their zealotry, quickly answered the party's questions: He informed them that there were "about 20" goblins in the base but that they also kept wolves, and that his leader was a bugbear named Klarg who answered directly to King Grol, and that recently he saw some of the ambushers return with "a big one and a short one".
The goblin was given release from his betrayal in the most terminal way possible, and the group started making its way into the base.


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